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You can’t dump some of this garbage in the trash

In one day, there is certainly a lot of waste produced by one person or even one house. Household waste is indeed a small amount of waste. For this reason, many people have to be aware of how to process or cope with this garbage. One of them is to use the services of dumpster rental Watertown NY they will handle the garbage you produce, especially household waste.

However, besides that, what you need to pay attention to is the type of waste that you dispose of. Apparently, there are various types of waste that are dangerous if thrown away in the trash. The following are various kinds of garbage.

– Gas lighter
Some cases that often occur, gas matches that are accidentally placed in an open room and exposed to the sun’s heat, so it immediately exploded suddenly. Especially if there is still liquid gas in it. It’s dangerous if we just throw it in the trash and there is an explosion that we didn’t expect? Even more dangerous if we clean the garbage by burning, this gas lighter will definitely explode and endanger the surrounding environment.

– Battery
Battery contain heavy metals such as alkali, zinc, nickel, and cadmium. These metals are dangerous if they settle too long, even when the battery is not used. This applies to all types of batteries, both disposable and rechargeable ones.

– medicine
If you have medicines that have not yet been drunk because you have already healed your illness or the medicine you have expired, do not throw it in the trash. In addition to the chemicals contained in them that have adverse effects on the environment, the drugs you dispose of can be misused by people who are not responsible.

– Oil-based paint
Excess paint usually occurs when there is construction or renovation of a house. If the paint used is made from water, you can remove the can and the rest of the paint in a regular trash can. However, paints that use oil-based ingredients contain a number of chemicals that need to be disposed of at special disposal.